American Hardcore exhibition & book incoming

The 80s hardcore scene in the US has been done to death but still keeps giving in 2013. A new A5 book and exhibition featuring 50 7″ covers from classic releases in that era will be showcased in London at The Vinyl Factory’s gallery in Chelsea from 11 April – 4 May.

Titled American Hardcore, 1978-1990 the book limited to only 300 (signed and numbered) comes with a fold-out A1 print and exclusive 7″ vinyl pressing of a Black Flag interview from 1981 and is printed using a Risograph machine. This is a special print process akin to screen printing, and perfectly reflects the DIY aesthetic of the artwork.

The book that is available to pre-order for £50 also has an extended Q&A with author and UK punk collector Toby Mott and US punk collector and curator Bryan Ray Turcotte discussing the importance of the scene that spread like wildfire and paved the way for many touring bands generations after.

The collection of 50 seven-inch singles will be for sale as a framed artwork from the gallery. Put this in your diary today and we will bring you a gallery feature on this when it opens.

Black Flag documentary Reality 86’d online

reality86d_black flagAre you a Black Flag fan? If so, you are in for a treat as Reality 86’d, a documentary on Black Flag’s final tour has been released on Vimeo this week and is a must watch.

The film was put together by David Markey who was on this tour as the drummer of Painted Willie at the time. The six month tour that crossed the US in 1986 consisted of 3 bands with Black Flag headlining, Painted Willie and Greg Ginn’s side project Gone opening.

This is fascinating viewing, so if you have not seen it before from its original release in 1991 then get the teas on and prepare yourself in advance of an hour of classic hardcore history.

24 Hours of American Hardcore online

American HardcoreFor those of you who still love to feast on 80’s Hardcore Punk be ready to find a new favourite website. Punk fan and writer Steven Blush has posted hundreds of hardcore tracks up for stream and download unfortunately or fortunately depending on what way you look at the scene.

Go through over 900 tracks from many bands including Adrenalin OD, COC, Naked Raygun, Bad Religion, Free Beer, Black Flag and far too more more to mention here. Stream them, reminisce and then buy the full albums to support the musicians who made them. Go to for the full picture.