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Watch Louie Lopez’ killer new Volcom section


He was once quoted saying that “I skate when I’m asleep.” There’s no denying it this morning as Louie Lopez smashes all expectations and rolls out one of the very best video edits of the year for Volcom as if he was asleep. The 5ft ripper ups the game today with a huge box of tricks topped with a seriously happy ending. If this doesn’t warrant a name on the bottom of a piece of Flip wood at the end of the year then ams of the world will be up in arms.

The youth is rising once again. Get the teas on and watch our nominated Skate Edit of the Week now.

Skateboarding News

Daniel Lutheran: Welcome to the Machine

Daniel Lutheran has now been confirmed as a full-blown Toy Machine am and you can join Leo Romero and Johnny Layton who celebrate with him in his sweet Welcome edit below.

Use this as a perfect reason to remind yourself that Brain Wash, the next video to come from the bloodsucking skateboard company, is coming…

Skateboarding News

Amsterdamn Am Results

The fifth annual Amsterdamn Am rocked Holland this weekend. Ams from all over the globe battled it out for some Euros in the Dam and some crazy stuff went down.

Keiran Reilly took best trick with a frontside flip over the bar to lipslide down the bank – the footage is below and it’s ri-goddamn-diculous but first, the results…

1. Alec Majerus, USA
2. Louie Lopez, USA
3. Tiago Lemon, BRA
4. Tim Zom, NL
5. John Koetzier, NL
6. Spencer Lau, USA
7. Douwe Macare, NL
8. Axel Cruysberghs, BE
9. Julien Merour, FRA
10. Billy Hoogendijk, NL
11. Hermann Stene, NOR
12. Woody Hoogendijk, NL

The Volcom AMSTERDAMN AM FINALS 2010 from Volcom Europe on Vimeo.