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Altamont Jon Dickson Collection


Altamont have a new collection from Deathwish rider Jon Dickson out this week featuring his signature work overall, football jersey, trucker hat and pom beanie. Look out for these in various UK skate shops or pick them up online.




Skateboarding Product Reviews

G.G. Allin Altamont tees


Altamont are rolling out the grit this week with the release of newest tee featuring none other than G.G. Allin. This mosher famed for his rock and roll antics on stage covered in human excrement and bile passed away on the bog after a show in NY back in 1993 following an overdose, so this 20th anniversary tee marks the legend that he was and has also now become.

Merle Allin-brother and founding member of “The Murder Junkies,” allowed Altamont access to drawings G.G. made during his time in prison, as well as never-before-seen photographs. Merle chose his favorite images for a series of Altamont tees celebrating G.G. Allin’s extraordinary life.

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Soletech unleash ecological European facility

The ever impressive Sole Technology group behind the Etnies, Emerica and Altamont skateboard shoe and clothing brands have announced this week that they have opened a new ecological European office. The environmentally friendly building based in the Houthavens district of Amsterdam, Holland is said to host 60 solar panels that once hit full capacity, share excess energy to households in Amsterdam and a state-of-the-art geothermal heating and cooling system that accounts for a 40% reduction in energy consumption compared to a conventional system.

This is not the first time that the skateboarding co-founder and owner Pierre-Andre Senizergues have reduced their carbon footprint to actively bring us quality skateboarding goods from a sustainable source. Speaking about the subject in the past, Pierre has been quoted to say: “My goal is to leave the right footprint with Sole Technology. We’ve become a leader through the intelligence and hard work of our team of people. We strive for innovation and excellence in all we do. Together, we keep growing the right way in a healthy organic process.”

Long may it continue and long may skater-owned brands challenge the unethical ways of the corperations that are pushing their way into skateboarding. Read more about Pierre and his hard work for skateboarding from our interview back in 2006.

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Fos rolls out Vancouver Art Show


Heroin Skateboards’ Fos has been busy traveling the world with his paintbrush and pens. Check out this realy well cut video of his latest show in Vancouver with skating at various spots with Craig Questions, Deer Man of Dark Woods and more.

Fos x Vancouver from Timebomb Trading Inc. on Vimeo.

Skateboarding Product Reviews

Altamont Basic Zip Hood

I was looking for a new hood that would act as a jacket this summer and Altamont replied with the answer. If you are sick of taking a jacket with you to sessions and leaving it on a rail or on the floor because you over heat, this could be the answer.

The Basic Zip Hood is made of 65% cotton, 35% polyester, comes with a comfy hood, zipped front, has double pouch pockets and minimal branding. Seriously soft fabric jumped out of the packaging on first look and has not left me since. Definitely worth looking into if you are weighing up some options for new clothing this month.

Altamont_Basic Zip Hood_Black_Green

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Fos FM returns with Ludacrooks as guest DJ

If you are looking for something to listen to this weekend, Fos has taken time out of the shooting range in the US to return to the airwaves with a new Fos FM show for Altamont today. Tune in to the latest show that has none other than Chet Childress in the hotseat as guest DJ.

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Download the first Fos FM show on Altamont

Heroin and Landscape’s Fos has crept onto the DIY airwaves in Los Angeles since he moved to California this Autumn. He spends a lot of time shooting guns aside from skating and painting thesedays and also has found time to huck out a radio show on the Altamont website.

Fos FM launches today and kicks off with Slayer and red rum samples. Download the MP3 of the first show featuring guest Randy Randall from the band No Age here.

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Fos exhibition this Thursday in London

Heroin and Landscape Skateboards’ head honcho Mark ‘Fos’ Foster has announced that he will share some art this Thursday at the Wayward Gallery which is found at 47 Mowlem St, London, E2 9HE.

In his own words:

“I’m usually pretty good at these things, but nothing is coming to mind. I’m sat here working my way through a Cafetierre of Bolivian coffee, waiting to be hit by a brilliant idea that will make everyone who reads these words want to come to the show. Instead of making a load of stuff up about my latest work and how its a culmination of every experience that I’ve ever had, or some crap like that, or how you should care about it cos I’m a skateboarder and skateboarding is cool right? Well let’s leave all that out. Let me tell you how it is, the Wayward Gallery always has good shows, and this one will be no exception. So just come down on Thursday and drink some free beer, and look at some paintings and stuff. I’m not gonna promise that it’ll change your life, but you never know, it might..” – Fos

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GWAR team up with Altamont

GWAR have teamed up with Altamont for a t-shirt series.

The move makes Altamont the first ever brand to work with GWAR and as you can see by the photo to the right, it’s got them down to a tee [geddit?].

Inspired by the band’s “sci-fi/horror inspired costumes, obscene lyrics and graphic, politically-themed stage performances”, there are three designs: Gig, Pit and Scumdogs [pictured].

Last December, Altamont creative mastermind, FOS, interviewed GWAR lead singer Oderus Urungus, check it out below.

Visit Altamont’s site here.

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