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Willow’s 5-Incher Almost section remixed

German trick machine Willow sees his section in the new Almost video ‘5-Incher‘ remixed by Benny Maglinao today. Amazing stuff.

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Almost Impact Tour at BaySixty6


Only the brave tour Europe in January but the Almost Skateboards team didn’t flinch when asked to hit the road across various countries that started in Berlin and ended here in London at the BaySixty6 skate park. It was not the easiest tour to be on. An hour before the team were scheduled to drop a demo at the Skatehalle in Berlin, news of Lewis Marnell’s rumoured passing had reached Chris Haslam, Youness Amrani, Daryl Dominguez and Willow who threw themselves into this tour the best way they could knowing they had just lost a brother.

The UK was absolutely freezing and by far the coldest day of the year but on arrival, London’s faithful were there ready and waiting for them despite news that the scheduled demo had been cancelled. Almost UK rider Daryl Dominguez and Bay shredder Kyron McGrath-Davis joined in with the fun to skate the Double Impact comp and like lemmings, those who couldn’t land tricks felt the cold, hard concrete across the small stair set and rail and the big 5 stair set and rail until a winner was announced. Best trick overall went to Nai Sukanant with a switch hardflip down the big five and he took it well.

Click play for short interviews with Daryl Dominguez and Chris Haslam on the night and grab yourself an Almost package in this month’s competition.


Watch the highlights of the skating from the night from Tom Drake & Harry Garcia:

Watch the Almost Berlin demo at Skatehalle here:

Almost Demo – Skatehalle Berlin from skatehalle berlin on Vimeo.

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Lewis Marnell RIP

lewismarnellrip This weekend has left most skateboarders in shock following the news of Lewis Marnell leaving us. He was one of the nicest skateboarders you will ever meet and cut his trade on a deck with much grace and style.

Riding for Almost Skateboards, Lewis made a lot of friends due to his incredible character and will be sorely missed by many. Skateboarding has lost one of the best. Our thoughts go out to all of his family and friends worldwide.

He came by the Crossfire office unplanned to say hello back in 2008 whilst on a tour. You can read his words here.

Lewis Marnell RIP.

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Watch Almost Impact Tour footage from Berlin


The Almost team have just left germany on their Impact Tour and collected some footage from their demo at the Skatehalle in Berlin for you to watch here. Press play for footage of Chris Haslam, Youness Amrani, Daryl Dominguez and Willow and get hyped on their visit from 5pm next Friday 25th January at BaySixty6. Details here.

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Watch Willow’s new pro part on TWS

New Almost pro, Willow has an amazing new section here. Support him, as he rocks and Almost rules the roost.

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Daewon Song’s incredible 5-Incher B-side section

daewon_songYet again, Daewon Song returns with another video edit that will have the rewind button on lock, made up of more incredible skateboarding that takes in every form of nature on offer. In this new video part as the b-side to his ridiculous section in the new 5-Incher DVD from Almost, Daewon gets to work as usual, shredding rocks, trees and any curved or flat surface to conquer on his travels.

Yet again, Daewon Song is light years ahead of anyone else on a skateboard. Yet again, he takes our Edit of the Week spot hands down.

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Almost 5 Incher Curb Session Trailer

There’s nothing like watching a curb sesh, especially when the likes of Willow, Wilt, Youness Amrani, Lewis Marnell and Haslam are lurking in the car park with tech skills for miles. The Almost video drops next month, you know what’s coming. Get hyped.


Daewon Song Reflections 2011

daewon_songThere’s nothing like ending a year with a discussion with arguably skateboarding’s finest technically gifted, all rounder. Enjoy Daewon Song’s end of 2011 round up and expect more ground breaking magic from his big bag of tricks next year.

So, let’s reminisce as far back as January with your New Year’s Dae edit, how long did that part take to put together and what was your most enjoyable trick from it?

That part had footage from 2 years back. I never got to use it and as soon as the Berrics mentioned doing the New Years Dae part I started filming for another 3 months. The funnest trick in there was the 360 flip in that narrow full pipe! I got worked but it was so worth it and fun.

Other than that edit, what are the most satisfying personal moments of 2011?

Any day where all my friends are off of work and we go skatepark hopping! We don’t get to hang out all of the time and skate so these times are fun. Taking my son bowling for his Birthday and getting that hug too!

Over the years, what skate trip was most memorable looking back?

Australia was the worst and the best! First off, I was with a lot of friends filming for the DVS Skate More video. That trip was insane. Hot, annoying and crazy! We had a few of the worst people on that trip but traveling with Gabe (aka Beergut), Daniel Castillo and Colin Kennedy who now works for the Berrics and did the New Years Dae edit was fun. On that trip I also remember trying to fight Reda from meeting him for the first time. We became really close friends from then on. So much fun!

What music did you listen to mostly throughout 2011?

I’m backing the old Mobb Deep album or a lot of Radiohead songs! It’s real slow but I need that in my life. I also listened to the Alaska in Winter album a lot which was the song in my New Year’s Dae part.

If there’s one story to tell from this year that none of us would know, what is it?

The smoke alarm went off for all the hotel rooms and I unplugged the fire alarm in my room because it was loud! Ten minutes later, six fire trucks show up and two cops! I’m thinking what the f#@k is going on!! They want people to evacuate …….and then I’m thinking my alarm was going off because it’s serious! Well, they finally came to my room and look around and spot that I unplugged the alarm. They look at me in rage and explain that “as soon as you did that, it notified the Fire dept and the cops!” Wow, I used the wrong firewood and the smoke set it it off and I was charged an additional fee! Haha!

OK, let’s talk tricks. What was the most satisfying trick that you made this year?

I got one trick filmed at a manny drop/manny b4 in Torrance. They put a gate around it! Kind of sketchy but at least I got it and maybe try it again somewhere else. It’s a 180 fakie manny fakie bigspin heel to manny.

What are the newest tricks in the bag?

Backside 360 ollie nose wheelie and lasers a little more consistent on transition.

What’s the trick that got away?

Switch bs 360 ollies!

Best trick that you witnessed in 2011?

My homie Jon’s double laser heel at Paramount skatepark! He works at the airport, has 4 kids and still handles business.

If you had to pick one person, who would be your MVP of the year in skateboarding?

I wanna give it up to Torey Pudwill! He handled business and me and him have a lot of new plans with DVS!

What are you looking forward to most about 2012 personally?

Filming for my new Almost part and working on new projects for DVS and MATIX, just enjoying the simple things in life and loving my son!

What are your top 3 skate video edits of all time?

1. John Cardiel – Transworld part

2. Sean Sheffey Life video

3. PJ Ladd – Wonderful, Horrible Life

Do you watch many skate videos these days or are you glued to the web?

I just watch everything! YouTube kids that are having too much fun and freedom!

Let’s wrap this up with a message for kids wanting to get sponsored out there…

Focus on fun and then get up and try! Do what you feel, not what you see!

Shouts to:

DVS Shoes, Almost Skateboards, Gabe Clement, Luis Cruz, Matix Clothing, Spitfire crew, Swiss bearings and Tensor.

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New Mike Wright Almost edit

Whenever there’s a new Mike Wright edit posted online, we can’t help but get excited due to his gifted technical skills and overall wonderful attitude.

Andy Evans captured a fun session with Mike, Rupert Antoine and friends down at Hove’s Lagoon park in Brighton for you to enjoy recently. Watch a plethora of technical tricks here.

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Youness Amrani joins Almost Skateboards

Moroccan technical wizard Youness Amrani has joined Almost Skateboards this week. Currently residing in Belgium Youness has proved over the years that his technical ability is second to none, especially after scooping the World finals of the Red Bull Manny Mania in 2010 and hooking up on the Nike team.

Enjoy this welcome video which is 5 minutes of Youness goodness and look out for more very soon.