Boys of Summer – full video


Get the teas on again for this as Jeff Kutter’s new video Boys of Summer has been sent to the interweb overnight featuring a shit load of known skateboarders. This is fun as fuck, tongue in cheek and well worthy of watching footage of the likes of Jason Dill, Alex Olson, Eric Koston, Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, Heath Kirchart, Mike Carroll, Dylan Rieder, Gino Iannucci and many more.

Download it here.

The new Girl Chocolate video is Pretty Sweet

The upcoming Girl/Chocolate DVD title has been announced today and it’s called Pretty Sweet. Get hyped on what will be dropping in November this year!

girl_chocolate_ pretty_sweet_dvd

Scooters with Garcia, Hawk, Brock, Olson, Leeper and more

William Strobeck has a short film titled Scooters out this week featuring Reese Forbes, Alex Olson, Kyle Leeper, Austyn Gillette, Jake Donnelly, Danny Garcia, Riley Hawk, Justin Brock and many more. There’s some great skatboarding in this, don’t miss out.

Alex Olson officially joins Nike SB

It’s official. Alex Olson has jumped ship from Vans and joined Nike Skateboarding footwear and apparel. Talking to ESPN this week, Olson speaks on how it all came about:

“Basically I was unhappy with Vans six month prior to me signing with Nike. My contract had been up but I just hadn’t signed my new contract. I had some questions about my contract and they said, “Why don’t you come down and we’ll talk?” I hated going down to Vans, I don’t like going down to Orange County. I think when my contract was up I asked Brian Anderson if he could just ask if there was any possibility of me riding for Nike. Robin [Fleming] had left Vans and I felt like a loner on the team and it wasn’t making me motivated to skate. Six months passed and I still hadn’t signed my contract and then Hunter [Mu] called me and asked if my contract was up and I said, “Yeah.” Nike offered me an apparel and shoe contract and the timing was right and I was stoked to sign a contract with Nike.”

Jeff Grosso discusses the Smith Grind

Jeff Grosso was one of the first skaters that I thought was the coolest out there. My brother and I rode all of his Santa Cruz decks as he was a punk who made it grind and had the best rock and roll slides in the game.

He now finds himself on Anti-Hero Skateboards after a stint over at Black Label, he had a rad Old Skool shoe out on Vans last year and is now back discussing Smith Grinds and the history behind the name. Find out why it should have been called the Monty Grind right here talking to Alex Olson and his Dad in parts one and two.

Watch: Quiksilver’s Outhouse, Warehouse, Flophouse

Quiksilver have teamed up with skateboarding’s East Coast video auteur, Bill Strobeck for this little edit starring Danny Garcia, Austyn Gillete, Reese Forbes and Alex Olson.

In classic Strobeck style, the clip captures the mundane and the extraordinary and blends them together into something at once arresting and astonishing. Austyn Gillete is just TOO legit.

Have a look and enjoy below.