Watch Bones ‘New Ground’ video in full

boneswheelslogoBones Wheels have been promising to drop their new full length video for a few months and have released it today for you to stream and download for free.

Get stuck into footage of Jaws (below), Randy Ploesser, Ryan Decenzo, Marty Murawski, Chad Bartie, David Gravette, and Adam Dyet, Jake Duncombe, Ronnie Creager, Jimmy Cao, John Motta and many more by clicking here to stream it and here to register to be sent a free download by email.


World Record Highest Ollie broken by Aldrin Garcia

The Maloof High Ollie Challenge final held in Palms Resort and Casino, Las Vegas yesterday welcomed a new 45″ World Record Ollie from yet another Powell rider Aldrin Garcia.

The competition ran throughout January with 15 skate shops hosting local high ollie comps with the winner from each reaching the semi-finals on Monday. Yesterday’s finals brought a new World Record which is half an inch higher than Danny Wainwright and Luis Tolentino’s 44.5″ World Record ollies and made Garcia $10,000 richer.

Watch it here.

Photo: Neftalie Williams