Vote for British Skateboarders at the DC Embassy

The recent hype on the various edits from the DC Embassy in Barcelona has reached it’s peak as it’s now time to vote over there. Personally, I think that Albert Nyberg’s section is a league ahead of the rest and should go through on merit, but I will be voting for the two British skaters that have been involved in this without a doubt and you should do to.

Watch Chris Oliver and Neil Smith‘s sections here and give them the support they deserve.

Amazing Albert Nyberg Embassy edit

Albert Nyberg is back with an explosive barrel of bangers in this edit shot at the Barcelona that could well gaurantee his place at the next Street League thing. I’m not sure if you will see a better edit in the coming weeks but time will tell. Look out for more of these dropping across the web as there’s a vote on the winner from 13 selected pro’s on April 24th.

Enjoy this.

Albert Nyberg joins etnies

abbe_nybergEtnies have officially welcomed Swedish tech wizard Albert Nyberg to join their European shoe team this week.

It’s been a fun filled 6 months since for this fella since the Newsoul Skateboards promo did the rounds on the internet last November. He took on PJ Ladd at the latest Battle of the Berrics and came close to a win, his Bangin’ edit fueled more admiration and now his feet have some free shoes.

It’s a great story. Enjoy some more footage of him here.