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Aesop Rock announces new album

Aesop Rock will be dropping his new album this year.

The rapper and producer, announced that his new album will be called Skelethon and is going in to be mixed next week. It marks the first solo album since None Shall Pass which was dropped in 2007 though he was part of Hail Mary Mallon who released their debut album last year on Rhymesayers.

In addition to Skelethon, Aesop is also working on a collaborative album with Kimya Dawson under the name the Uncluded. It’s called Hokey Fright and will also be out this year.

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Rhymesayers Entertainment

When Dilated Peoples MC Evidence announced he was signing to independent rap heavyweights Rhymesayers Entertainment, a number of eyebrows were raised. However, two years down the line, the LA native has finally dropped his second solo album and the label has proved the perfect home for the record, continuing the tradition of fine releases.

This album doesn’t try to be fancy – there’s no sampling obscure hipster indie acts, there’s no turns with Evidence trying his hand at singing – this is a straight up, no holds barred, rap record and it’s all the better for it. Mr Slow Flow laces slamming beats from the likes of long-time friend Alchemist and legendary DJ Premier to fantastic effect, permeated by quality guest spots from the likes of Slug, Aesop Rock, Prodigy of Mobb Deep and Raekwon.

His distinctive voice delivers perfect line after perfect line with lyrics that are both meaningful and yet never convaluted. It says a lot for his talent that he’s able to rap in the way he always did and yet still seem fresh and as such is certain to gain some new fans on this record as well as please his legions of old fans who loved his Weatherman LP so much.

So yes, this is a rap album, nothing more, nothing less. But when you hear his flow over the beats on It Wasn’t Me, You and To Be Continued, you won’t want anything else. Evidence is an underrated gem and hopefully this album will turn more people onto his undoubted talent.


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Aesop Rock project signed to Rhymesayers

When Rhymesayers release something, we take notice.

So when this teaser trailer for the new Hail Mary Mallon release was dropped, signalling the signing of Aesop Rock, DJ Big Wiz and Rob Sonic’s project to the Minneapolis-based label, we sat up and pressed play over and over.

Check it out below, nuff said.

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Watch: New Murs video

West Coast MC Murs has released a new video.

The track, Varsity Blues, is produced by Aesop Rock and revives the team-up from Felt 3. The video is below and you can check out Murs if you live in London, when he plays Jazz Cafe on Wednesday 13th May, which you should do as he’s a blast live.