War of the Thistles weekend event footage

warofthethistles2012Sidewalk covered the War of the Thistles comp this weekend and have already rolled out the footage from the event in record time. Watch these 2 edits from Aberdeen and Edinburgh featuring Denis Lynn, Josh Young, Colin Adam, Adam Paris, Ben Nordberg, Rob Smith, Jake Collins, Rauri, Benson, Mark “T-Bag” Murray, Chav Dan, Felix, Sam Pulley, Sox and many more.

More Skateboarding Videos

More Skateboarding Videos

Watch: Stu Graham at the Adeen bowl

Here’s a winter treat for your eyes this weekend that only took a year to surface. Last winter, Stu Graham went to Transition Extreme with Zander to tear apart the bowl in the way only Stu Graham can. 12 months of sitting on a harddrive later, and the footage is now up online and at a prime time to get us hyped for more from Scottish powerhouse.

See below for a rough visual guide on how to be rad.