Jaws vs the Lyon 25 footage


Hats off to Thrasher for setting this up, this is the biggest feat that skateboarding has seen in years. Aaron Homoki finally conquered the Lyon 25 set and the footage, the build up, the end product, the joy, is so well captured by French Fred, Mike Gilbert, Mike and Kevin Burnett with Ali Boulala there for obvious reasons.

Well done Jaws, you mental bastard.

Bust Or Bail 2: The Ripper At Clipper edit


Every spot has its day but with the news of Clipper being bulldozed soon, Thrasher took the initative to lay down some history on the SF spot that partly made Kremer SOTY in 2014 and has tested many more.

Enjoy the ridiculous NBD’s that graced the history books at this weekend’s Bust Or Bail 2 jam.

New ridiculous Aaron Jaws Homoki edit

This is Jaws’ entry into the X Games Real Street thing they do every year and is stuffed full of tricks that will make your jaw drop. Watch this leap of faith footage from Aaron Homoki filmed and edited by Buster O’Shea.

Watch THAT Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki ollie on video

aaron_jaws_homoki_ollieIf you are subscribed to updates on our facebook page then you would have seen our post of this ollie by Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki that graced the cover of Thrasher this month in the US.

Watch this beast of an ollie and try not to replay it. Click here for another of Jaws’ personal bests from last April.

Watch: A Happy Medium 2 Teaser

Over the weekend our link of the day was set to link you to this teaser. Should you have missed it, here’s your chance to get hyped on what’s sure to be another cult classic from Arizona, A Happy Medium 2.

Following on from where Peter Vlad’s Wonderful Horrible Life and A Happy Medium left off, Buster O’Shea is joined by Hunter O’Shea on filming duties, covering the notoriously unpredictable and left-field skating of John Motta, Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki, John-Rob Moore, Jeff Stevens, Derek Tracy and many more. We can’t wait.