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Baby Godzilla

Baby Godzilla
‘A Good Idea Realised’
Free Download


If you have not witnessed Baby Godzilla yet and are a hardcore fan then prepare for a taste of pure quality that is out there within the British scene right now. This monstrously tight Nottingham four-piece are delivering one of the best live shows you will see out there right now, and to support this onslaught, they are also releasing various tracks from their brand new EP, ‘Knockout Machine’ for free throughout June.

Their first of four freebies is ‘A Good Idea Realised‘. Coming in at just 1.43 on the clock, this surging explosion of ferocious hardcore is served with a stabbing set of riffs, absolutely pounding drums and twin dose of serial screaming; so be mentally prepared for a relentless frenzy from the first note.

It will not be long until this band are filling venues countrywide, which is not a problem, as BG have a tendency to ply their trade in the audience as opposed to on stage. This band are absolutely awe-inspiring to see face to face but get a taster of the chaos that is spawning out there right now and download this free track today from here. If you nearby to London, note their residency shows at the Black Heart in Camden on 6th and 20th of June and 4th July. Miss these and you will kick yourself in the future.

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