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The Devil’s Toy – 1966 skateboarding film

Thanks to the Tweaker blog we have managed to wake up to this little beauty today, a documentary on skateboarding shot back in 1966 aptly titled The Devils Toy. It was shot in Montreal, Canada by film maker Claude Jutra in a time where it was very much frowned upon to be rolling the streets on clay wheels, throwing rocks at the cops and generally having the best time ever. The cops hated skateboarders who rolled in trench coats and turtle neck tops and confiscated their decks only to be given back to kids at the local ice rink where skateboarding was allowed.

Doused in a sincere narrative to accompany classic black and white footage The Devil’s Toy may well have set the tone for skateboarding being a punk choice in life from the off and most certainly would have been the first ever Canadian skateboard video ever made. Watch it here and look out for some seriously funny B-movie sounding quotes such as: “Beware, the youth of the world is on the move and their aim is to take over!.”