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Vans x Crossfire Halloween Massacre Bowl Jam Gallery


If you’ve had the pleasure of skating the House of Vans Bowl in London, you will know that it’s an unforgiving masterpiece that can destroy you and elate you within the same session. Only those with the fastest feet are able to master its curves designed by Line, who have managed to pack in a vast array of skateable wall space into such a small area. The thought of 45 invited riders descending on Waterloo’s Old Vic Tunnels on Saturday to detonate the first official jam session in here was finally a reality – and it did not disappoint. The majority of the invited guests had never skated this beast before, but they burnt it to the ground and left a legacy that will remembered for years.

Whether you made it down there or viewed it from the live feed, watching this lot battle it out in open jam sessions to pick up the 10,000€ on offer was simply amazing. There were too many highlights and obvious notable mentions: Mason Merlino’s front blunt and Alain Goikoetxea’s fakie 5-0 on the same vert wall, Giorgio Zattoni‘s ollies into monster frontside smiths in the deep end, Robin Bolian and Daan Van Der Linden’s overall energy and creative trickery – oh, and talking of trickery, it was an honour to see John Magnusson’s skills grace this tunnel. His skating is incredible to see in the flesh and witness the fastest feet in the business. With people flying in from the USA, Spain, France, Belgium, Sweden and other European countries, the Great British presence was there to welcome our visitors with open arms. OGs such as Andy Scott, Sean Goff and Lucian Hendricks were present and shredding alongside Benson, Kris Vile, Alex Hallford, Reese Johnson, Carl Wilson, Rob Smith, Ross McGouran, Manhead, Trevor Johnson and so many more. It may have been a freak 23′ outside, but the real heat was underground in this gaff derived from this lot. What a sesh!

Thanks to Vans for hosting this for us, to Danny Wainwright, Justin Sydenham, Wingy, Seth Curtis, Dan Cates and Jacob Sawyer for judging, and not to forget Mark Churchill and Joe Habgood for ripping everyone apart on the mic. Good banter lads! I’ve probably missed people, and tricks, so apologies in advance as i’m still dying from a force 8 hangover as I type this. The evidence from this debauchery is live below in official edit and enjoy these exclusive photos shot for us by Maksim Kalanep. Thanks to everyone involved.

Cates took a break from his Butt Weekend updates on insta to judge this one.


He spent his afternoon watching men’s backsides instead.



Chav Dan took the dough in 2012 and was back for more for the Lovenskate fam.


And he’s still smelling the glove.


Mason Merlino flew in from California and ripped this place apart. Animal blunt steez, Oregon style.



Ross McGouran had a great sesh but took home the best swellbow of the day as a present. It was like seeing a hamster sitting inside a duck egg.





Park ranger Rob Smith has grown with this bowl and knows it better than most.




Trademark moves from Death’s Northern pro went down all afternoon and into the finals.




Lyon’s Robin Bolian is relentless for a 15 year old and one to watch out for. Remember the name.



Thanks to all 7 artists who exhibited gore in the gallery, ‘Walk Among Us’. Incredible work went into this from all of them.







Nassim Guammaz took best Frankenstein shadow of the day. Truly awesome ATV.



Some of the best shit that went down was Off The Wall. The first to name this man in the facebook comments below wins the internet.


Trevor Johnson took many a scooby snack.


When Giorgio Zattoni grinds, you can hear it a street away.




Marc Churchill was bang on form with the psycho banter…


“Insert your own quote here. Best one wins the internet”



Dogger in thought as the session explodes…



Even Lee Blackwell graced us with his presence. It’s time to run that prison interview…


McGouran’s speed and thought process is one we all crave for.


Blink and you will miss him.


Always good to see Carl Wilson pottering about on a warm Saturday afternoon.


Nothing stale about this Creature. Wait until you see the party pics though, he had one hell of an outfit!


And you know he always brings the crack to the party.


Alain Goikoetxea brought his own man hammers to this hellride. Top tool box full of radness.



Strike that…


Classic Nicky Geurrero in the house!


Bullet and I had a little coping wager on the winner and went home with the Queen.


The judges called Daan Van Der Linden for 1st place, Mason Merlino in 2nd and Alain Goikoetxea took 3rd. Well deserved.


Beers were on this lot tonight.


This smile says it all. Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen.


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