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Xerox and Destroy is back!

The Photocopy Club are back for a final skate photo show in East London where Xerox and Destroy will once again showcase your skate photos at the Doomed Gallery if you send them over before 20th August.

The Doomed Gallery’s walls will be awash with black & white Xerox pics of you and your friends. All you have to do is print them out on paper and mail them to:

Doomed Gallery
65-67, Ridley Rd,
E8 2NP

How do you submit your work?

Submit 1-5 images.
Photocopies must be sent by post or dropped into the address above.
No email submissions.
BxW images only.
Printed on a photocopier only.
Work can be printed any size up to A0.
Images can be printed on coloured paper.
Prints must be signed and dated on the back by the photographer with name clearly written.
All submissions will be photographed and uploaded online. The list of photographers selected for the exhibition will go up one week before the opening.

By submitting to the project you give the right for your print to be sold for £5. All profits go towards funding the photocopy club and its projects. All rights stay with the photographer at all times.
All submissions will be photographed and put on the website but this does not guarantee that the work will be in the show. The show is curated from the submissions sent.

Start looking through those hard drives and send this post to friends….