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Wild In The Streets

London went Wild in the Streets with Emerica on Sunday 25th June with a few hundred (maybe a thousand..? Figures are hazy…) crazed skaters rampaging it through the city and hitting up major spots like the Holborn Viaduct banks, the Mayor’s building and London Bridge Ten. Even if some of these notorious bust spots lived up to their reputation, the police presence couldn’t dampen the hype of a huge skate gathering.

In so much as impromptu Best Trick comps go, London Bridge saw a massive backside flip by Aussie Richard Flude, Gary ‘Woody’ Woodward‘s 360 ollie, and Adam Stoddard grabbing £60 for a nollie full cab. Boom!

Finally, British skate heritage, Southbank felt the rumble of urethane and heard the roar of the crowd as Kris Vile smacked the wedge to wedge gap up with a mad 360 flip, and euro visitor Jo Lorenz chased the competition with a backside nollie over the chasm. On the bank to block Woody served up an ollie to noseblunt whilst Simon Skipp tickled a frontside 5-0 to fakie. A special Wild in the Streets award was given to Rich (surname unknown..?) for generally ripping hard all day. The day ended with a Wild in the Pub drinking session organized by Kingpin.