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Wet Sussex premiere dates

It’s a hive of activity down in Sussex right now and seems to get better by the month. Following in the footsteps of Brighten, a new scene video titled Wet Sussex will premiere on Friday 7th August at the Sallis Benney Theatre.

The vid features full parts from Finn Casey-Knight, Ollie Smith, Matt Ransom, Tom Grantham, Dave Wallace, Will Greenfield, Liam Teague, Potter, Matt Chard, Phil Gent and Mark Stenning, as well as appearances by plenty of Sussex locals and well known faces. Visit Tweaker for a mini interview about the film with Liam Teague back in February to find out more about it.

Tickets are only £3 and need to be bought or reserved in advance. You need to email this address for your ticket, so get your arse in gear before they sell out.