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Vox bring ‘Support’

Yesterday i was opening the post as usual and noticed a new Vox Footwear promo peeking out of the corner of the envelope.

This DVD features the whole team of Peter Hewitt, Justin Strubing, Neil Blender, Dan Drehobl, Ricky Oyola, JT Aultz, Darren Navarette, Adrian Mallory, Emmanual Guzman plus Alex Horn, Sage Bolyard, Mark ‘Red’ Scott and the Dreamland Crew, tearing apart Dreamland Skateparks in the US and although it is short in length, you want to watch it again and again.

With Cockney Rejects, Ian Dury and 999’s best tune ‘Nasty Nasty’ providing the soundtrack, you know this concoction is pretty gnarly.

Look out for this in a few weeks when it hits skate shops, i guess it will come free with shoes if you buy a pair. If you can’t wait though, go here and download the Thrasher Oregon trip video…

PS…Have you seen the Vox Beerhunter’s yet? Don’t miss this these..