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Volcom Acid Drop

Volcom are probably your best bet when you want to see a mini ramp jam go off in a major way.

This year they topped themselves again with the Acid Drop Jam Fest, tie dye and flowers in your hair affair. The ramp had some unique features including a driveway gap cut into the platform and a huge over-vert Volcom Stone wave.

Volcom Stone’s Mini Ramp Jam Pro Results:
1st – Kyle Berard – $10,000
2nd – Rune Glifberg- $7,500
3rd – Chet Childress- $5,000
4th – Ivan Rivado- $3,000
5th – Mike Peterson- $2,000
6th – Dennis Busenitz- $1,500
7th – Anthony Furlong- $1,000
8th – Alain Goikoetxea- $1,000
9th – Caswell Berry – $1,000
10th – Tim Johnson- $1,000

Check out more info and pictures here , and watch the hot footage by clicking the image above.