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VANS UK Team hit Newquay

6th August 6.52pm

Friday saw the team hit up Stoke Plaza where the arrival of Danny Wainwright was, without a doubt, the highlight of the day. Danny spent time signing stuff for the kids then proceeded to rack up some cruising lines as well as ollie over a full size bin. Kris Vile and Chris Pfanner tag teamed the Big 3, whilst Manhead, Gardner and H hit up the recently constructed jersey barrier at the bottom of the park.

Ollie Tyreman could be seen throughout the day encouraging/heckling his fellow team mates whilst complaining about his injured wrist.

After the long drive from Stoke on Friday night, everyone on board was ready for Bristol on Saturday. The 5050 mini ramp is a stalwart of any trip to Brizzle, so it should go without saying that it got a pretty heavy sessioning.

Ben Nordberg, Ste Roe and Church Hell were on form, as were 5050 owners Danny and Justin “Syd” Sydenham and local menace Habgood. As most of you will already know, Saturday was the annual Fun Day at Dean Lane skatepark, so the majority of the team headed over there to join in the days activities. Vile, Hugo and J-Gards opted to take advantage of the local street architecture instead. Bangers went down that you’ll all no doubt see soon…

The tours long suffering bus driver, Tez, turned 31 on Sunday, which was also the date set for our demo at Mount Hawk in Cornwall. This was the first day that the entire team was ready to leave the hotel on time, and we were set to arrive for the demo early, but fate had other ideas. Exactly 100 miles from the skatepark, the trusty city hopper decided that enough was enough and broke down, leaving everyone stranded on the hard shoulder for over 6 hours. The demo has been rescheduled for Tuesday, so apologies to those who travelled to see the team, but if you can make it down on Tuesday afternoon we will be there, ring the skatepark in the morning for a confirmed time of arrival.

From now until Sunday we are in Newquay at the Ripcurl Boardmasters so come down to the beach if you’re in town, there are demos every day and the comps start on Thursday.

The DVD of the tour will be free on Octobers issue of Sidewalk Magazine, with 2 premieres pencilled in for September, one up north and one down south.

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