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Vans Team on road

Now that the baldess git in the UK, Nic Powley has taken over the reigns at Vans with the UK team, he seems to be on a non-stop mission to get the crew to skate every random corner of our own shores.

Euro rider Chris Oliver, UK riders Ben Grove, Ollie Tyreman, Rogie, James Gardner, and flow dudes Manhead and “Gorgeous” David Watson headed south east for six days of shredding a long list of pretty much untouched (or at least undocumented) skate spots, swimming in all of the rat infested waters they could find and making sure they at least visited Tesco’s once a day for the greasiest meal possible.

The coverage will be in an upcoming issue of Sidewalk with Vans supplying the footage via their web Podcasts in the next few weeks at