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Vans Europe 1966 DVD premiere’s in London

A gathering of the UK’s skate scene perched their arses into fresh leather seats at the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square, London last night (Thursday 11th March) to witness the much anticipated first ever Vans Europe 1966 video premiere featuring their top Euro riders.

Anti-Hero’s Chris Pfanner opened the proceedings following a very odd introduction of how their shoes are glued together in Asia with another display of unique hammers. Ross McGouran‘s section was very impressive, Kris Vile continues to up the ante, Danny Wainwright still murders high ledges with his trademark presence and the video featured more HD shot sections from Sam Partaix, Hugo Liard, Flo Marfaing and Madars Apse who individually huck out fantastic sections. But the riders themselves have been subjected once again to having to dress up for their intro’s and act up for the camera with most seeming uncomfortable with the situation they are asked of them. Funny enough, this was the same situation as the UK riders in the Vans Big Push edit last year, could you really imagine TNT, Rowley and Cardiel getting involved in this acting malarkey? We couldn’t either, so why is Europe so different?

Overall this production has the feel of a video that you will probably get to see on loop when visiting Vans shops rather than what you expect from a skate video but we have heard on the vine of grapes that it will come with a coffee table book with photography from Percy Dean so look out for that as their books are always fantastic. But if you are a skateboarder prepare to be disappointed with the over waffled company production made for the guys upstairs but stoked on the level of skating the team riders have filmed. Watch a trailer for it here.