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Vans & Bad Religion hit the beers!

Bad Religion are one of the most influential punk rock bands out there, even though they did have a whacky moment where they thought they were gonna try and be a prog band on album 2!

You will find out more about that in this months None More Punk Show once it goes live this week. Other than that blip, have had shed loads of great moments that have been captured on this DVD so Vans decided to run a premiere at the Vans Shop in Soho’s Carnaby Street and throw in loads of beer for the crack.

Peeps turned up, beer was drunk and evidence was filmed for your enjoyment.

Bad Religion’s new DVD is out this Spring called Live at the Palladium through Epitaph Records. This DVD will be fully reviewed on here this week for your mince pies to have a look at. Vans also have a shoe out with Bad Religion (as if you have not noticed!), they kick ass, go check them out here with the full story.