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UKSA take stance on NASS

We received an email direct from the UKSA below regarding their involvement in the ‘extreme’ sports festival NASS:

As of 12th July 2007, the UKSA will no longer endorsing the National Adventure Sports Show (NASS) with regards to their judging and competition organisation. Differences in direction have been an issue for several years and have now come to a point where we can no longer offer support. The UKSA will still be working in conjunction with events we feel right to promote skateboarding here in the UK.

This comes as no surprise to us. The image of skateboarding is ruined by events like these. Just look at the amount of chavs involved in this years event. Many skaters believe that NASS has never represented UK Skateboarding properly but let’s get real, who needs core skateboarding when you already have the next big thing…