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UK Champs rips Corby!

There’s no doubt about it, Corby’s Adrenaline Alley hosted the best UK turnout for years this weekend as the UK Championships organised by the UKSA provided the hottest skate comp since the days of Radlands. The semis were the tip of the iceberg for a final that had basically everything in terms of gnar and technical prowess. Vans ripper Chris Oliver took the street honours with an array of hammers that included a double backside flip over the entire middle section of the course followed by Ross McGouran and Kris Vile, who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. It was seriously close.

Bristol’s Dan Wileman won the best trick in the street with a massive ollie over the gap to tailslide down the hubba with a bigspin to get him out. All done at mach 10!

This was backed up by a Vert final that left jaws wide open fueled by the future of British Vert skaters who hucked out back to back 540’s, tech steez and head high airs. Sam Beckett won the honours for his continuous bangers across the various Vert series comps throughout the year with 13 yr old Sam Bosworth (yes really) and the young Alex Halford all taking British Vert to another level.

Claire Alleaume put the comp on the map for the ladies, no surprises there though as she simply rips. Her skills were closely followed by the North’s Lois Pendlebury and and the South’s Lucy Adams who was also riding with a fractured elbow!

This all made for the best UK comp in years. Overall this weekend witnessed an amazing turnout, fantastic organisation and good times for all.

Read the official UKSA results below and look out for a full write up here this week.

UKSA National championships street final

1 Chris Oliver 472 £2,500
2 Ross McGouran 450 £1,500
3 Kris Vile 434 £1,000

4 Ben Grove 424 £300
5 Dave Snaddon 410 £150
6 Tom Harrison 394 £100
7 Dan Wileman 389 £80
8 Neil Smith 377 £60
9 Ben Nordberg 371 £40
10 Pete King 357 £20

Street Best Trick

Dan Wileman – Gap to Tail bigspin Out on the ‘along and down hubba’ £500

Independent Vert series Results/A Group

1st Sam Beckett 3700 £1,200
2nd Sam Bosworth 3200 £600
3rd Alex Halford 3000 £350

4th Sean Goff 2900 £200
5th Jacob Anderson 2425 £150
6th Jim the Skin 2175 £100
7th Jim Langram 1975 £100
8th Trevor 1900 £100
9th Wingy 1900 £100
10th Paul Luc Ronchetti 1750 £100
11th Adam Halverson 1700
12th Dave Allen 1675

National Champs Results (TODAY)

1st Paul Luc Ronchetti 399 £150
2nd Andy Scott 395 £100
3rd Sam Beckett 393 £50

4th Pete King 382
5th Sean Goff 366
5th Sam Bosworth 366
7th Dave Allen 358
8th Alex Halford 322

Girls Street Results

1 Claire Alleaume £100
2 Lois Pendlebury £50
3 Lucy Adams £25

4 Helena Long
5 Sam Bruce
6 Emma Richardson
7 Georgina Winter
8 Cora
9 Rebecca Jaques
10 Fran Stroud
11 Becky Wood

Todays IVS Vert Results

1st Zac Kutz
2nd Chris Spence
3rd Mike Day
4th Jan Zorba
5th Oakley Liddel
6th Nick Hansen

Independent Vert Series Results/B Group

1st Chris Spencer 3300
2nd Mike Day 3100
3rd Zac Kutz 2925
4th Oakley Liddel 2450
5th Nick Hansen 2450
6th Rob Ayton 2000
7th Jan Zorba 1850
8th Rob Fuller 1750
9th Reece Douglas 1550
10th Batfink 1525
11th Tom Ball 1400
12th Keith Eason 800