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Travel update: Skateboarding in India

When you think of Mumbai in India it’s not difficult to remember the terror the country went through in 2008 when terrorists went on the rampage through the city centre killing over a hundred people. In 2011 normal practice has been resumed but there’s also some unexpected skateboard designs being reported from an art project that has spanned over many month’s until local woodcarvers deliver their take on transforming a lump of wood into ornamental but usable art objects.

In other Indian skate news, a brand new concrete park in Bangalore is taking shape thanks to the involvement of UK skater Nick Smith who you may remember from the Goan skate park project a few year’s ago. Nick is coordinating a large concrete park opening in Bangalore that is pretty much ready to go and will have its grand opening day on April 1st this year. The park packs a quirky design to keep travelers stoked on their trip so get in touch with Nick if you are looking to escape the UK for somewhere different this year, they have even just welcomed a fresh dump of boards, shoes and everything you need out there too this week. Get planning your mission.

india skate camp bangalore
india skate camp bangalore