Skateboarding News

The Sunday Roast

Ph: Grant Yansura boardslide pop out in Los Angeles shot by Jacob Messex.


Funniest skate muckumentary of the year so far goes to KOKO. If Kody Kohlman’s acting skills doesn’t force a smile then you should go get yourself a scooter.

Ishod Wair and Cory Kennedy use the force in this killer new mash up of Star Wars footage.

Trailer of the Week goes to Science Skateboards who speak to us in our main skate feature this week about skater owned companies, SF, graphics and more. Full drum roll here.

Bill Strobeck follows his ‘cherry’ video for Supreme with another beautifully shot 9 minutes of great film with Gonz, Rieder, Lucien Clarke, Jason Dill, and many more in Joyride.

Cory Kennedy is actually becoming our favourite skateboarder. His day in the life captured a guy who loves life.

Chris Pulman‘s final installment from Indy delved into the filming for Heroin’s Everything’s Going To be Alright (2002) and Live From Antarctica (2005) an explanation behind his London Bridge ender, music choices, Descent skateboards and much more. Reminisce or discover.

Drop in of the week went to…

Volcom’s Bowl-A-Rama at the Getxo in the Basque Country took best event. Hammers went down in that bowl.

The Vault pick of the week comes from Mikey Alfred’s Illegal Civilization video released back in 2009 with Chris Coulborn, Nakel Smith, Kevin Bradley, Sean Pablo and more.

Recommended Sunday afternoon viewing comes from All This Mayhem documentary, released this week itunes. Download it and get caught in a rollercoaster ride of skateboarding hell.