Skateboarding News

The Sunday Roast


Photo of the week comes from Danny Bulmer who shot this toasty melon from Rich Anderson at a Kings Park session in Bournemouth. look out for smoking hot footage soon.


Skate Edit of the Week was taken by Derek Elmendorf’s full section from the East County Bound & Down video from Jesse Silva. Man is on a mission with the longest 5050 ever recorded.

Bert Wootton changed up his name for this gem.

Nicky Howells is our British pick of the bunch with this new footage for WESC.

Patrik Wallner takes most awards for best travel edits, this latest trip with Farris Rahman, TJ Rogers, Ryan Decenzo, Madars Apse and UK ripper Barney Page in Asia is no exception.

Watch Cody Lockwood, Ishod Wair, Grant Taylor, Greyson Fletcher, Raven Tershy, Raney Beres and a few more annihilate the monstrous curves of Copenhagen’s indoor BMX park. What a session!

Pritchard and Dainton take Trailer of the Week. Apologies in advance but this hour long DVD that is coming is laugh a minute. Dropping soon.

Our blast from the past this week is Sight Unseen from Transworld. A classic from Jon Holland and Greg Hunt featuring John Cardiel, Henry Sanchez, Tosh Townend, Dustin Dollin, Heath Kirtchart and more.