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The Smell of Death

As per usual, those scoundrels that are the Death Skateboards team have been clocking up the mileage in search of skateable terrain and good times. Zorlac has just spent a warm winter in Goa where the sessions were going off in a big way. In attendance to hurl abuse and smile at the beautiful sunsets were Mark Munson, Steak, Woody, Pete King, Reese the Piece, Damian, Adam and many more. You really need to get out there!

However on return from Goa, there was no rest for the wicked as Zorlac went from one trip straight into another, this time rolling around Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Wales and the Isle of Wight. Ooof! Accompanying Zorlac was Dan Cates, himself fresh off the plane from Thailand, Horsey, Ben Cundall, Moggins and Kingy from Document magazine to document the carnage.

Apparently this trip was strictly obscure terrain and unskateable spots, so the Death team must have felt right at home! Three words used by Zorlac to describe this trip include ‘Infection’, ‘Crashes’ and ‘Sheep’. Hmmm..?

Finally, Death will now be distributed by long-time friends Consolidated. So, that’s for the UK, for Australia, and Consolidated for the States- Death spreads across the globe!

Oh, and one heartful shout-out has to go to Cundall who woke up in Peterborough ALONE after the recent Crossfire boat party! Click here for the evidence! If anyone can enlighten the poor chap on this please contact Death direct! New Death Zone boards anyone? Get in!