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The Firm Stands Down

In a bizarre twist of fate, Lance Mountain announced last night the demise of his beloved Firm Skateboards.

In an ever elitist industry where power moves are de rigueur if you want to stay afloat, the passionate few are easy victims to market forces.

Lance was undeniably in it for the love, and took one of the hardest decisions in his life by pulling the plug on The Firm – an amazing group of individuals, but primarily a great group of friends.

Lance recognizes the talent his riders possess, and knows everyone will have a bright future ahead of them.

In fact, hot off the press, Flip Skateboards have just announced the addition of Bob Burnquist, Rodrigo Texiera and Lance Mountain to the team but have also let go Alex Chalmers after many years of loyal duty. Flip are looking to release a new video in Spring 2007.

Read Lance’s farewell here:

Crossfire wish Lance and the rest of their team well on their future journeys and expect them here for high tea at the Ritz when they next visit the UK.