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The Emerican Stallion

Skate rats across the states are buckling up for Emerica’s wild ride, a tour with a difference.

Instead of sitting down, having shit signed and watching Am Whatzisname frontside flip hip after hip after hip before going home only relatively stoked, this tour is fully interactive.

Anyone who’s down can come camp out with the Emerica team, chill with a beer, session a dope skatepark with them, discuss the theories of relativity over a coffee? Whatever, this ride is no holds barred.

The stallion is let loose on Go Skateboarding Day, June 21st at Battle Grounds in Washington, and ends up over in San Fran for Emerica’s Wild In The Streets. All the big hitters are on board, from Reynolds to recent fully pledged Emerican, Jerry Hsu. This is most non-heinous. When’s the tour coming to Basildon then? No? Oh…

Click the image to the right to check out the vid.