Skateboarding News

The drugs are working

Fos and Co. have been very busy recently. First of all, congratulations go out to Rogie who scored the cover of this month’s Document Magazine. Judging by witness statements, his frontside wallride into the fishmonger banks is gnarly!

Next, Fos will be repping Heroin along with Burnley pal mate Mark Newton, and two French photographers- David Tura (Sugar) and Bertrand Trichet (Freestyler) in Paris at the Starcow, 68 Rue St, Honore, Paris from March 22nd at the How To Build a Rockstar exhibition and is sponsored by Vans. Fos’ first ever signature board is up for imminent release soon, so look out for that.

Finally, the Landscape squad are very busy filming for their next video. As we speak, Snowy and Joel Curtis are skating around Australia courtesy of Nike, whilst Joey Pressey and Soy Panday gather footage in Miami for Static 3.