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Girl clean up at Tampa Pro ’07

Some of you may have caught the live streaming of this year’s Tampa Pro contest and witnessed the devastating display of littered hammers.

For those who were too busy doing something less important, here are the results from the street and best trick comps.

Tampa Pro Street 2007 Results:

1st Eric Koston
2nd Jereme Rogers
3rd Paul Rodriguez
4th Nick Dompierre
5th Rick McCrank
6th Greg Lutzka
7th Rob Dyrdek
8th John Rattray
9th Mike Peterson
10th Tommy Sandoval
11th Billy Marks
12th Nilton Neves

For Koston’s winning run, click here.

For Best Trick action, click here.

Stefan Janoski claimed the Best Trick prize with a total pisstake switch flip k grind. Ridic.