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Sweeney takes Cantelowes Bowlriders

Cantelowes skatepark was rinsed this afternoon as the Quiksilver Bowlriders qualifier came to town for the second year running. Aaron Sweeney took the tickets to the finals in Malmo after turning the Camden park upside down with a selection of lines and tricks that had Bob Sanderson spitting some of the best commentary heard on Southern soil.

Sweeney took speedy lines with bangers on every wall consisting of a massive fs 5-0 hop-in from the wall into the deep, tweaked airs, reverts, gap steez, smiths and ended on a frontside 360 over the gap. Scottish cannonball Benson came in a close second with pocket air blasts, lengthy ollies, blunts, transfers and kickflip indys over the hips, wall and cradle, fresh from flying into Heathrow at 8am from the US. Sick.

Third place went to the Gyppo Army again, represented this time by Kevin McKeon who rolled burly around the park steamrolling the cradle, hip and gap making the final a total pisstake. Look out for footage on Monday but for now watch the trailer below and book your flight to Malmo today.

1. Aaron Sweeney
2. Benson
3. Kevin McKeon
4. Marek Litinsky
5. Sam Beckett
6. Pool Shark