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Stockwell Skatepark Update

Stockwell Skatepark

News just in…

The skatepark will reopen at 4:30pm today. (Friday 18th November)

The contractors have done a lot of sanding of the rough surface and redone some areas of the park following the users comments, so while it certainly not perfect, it is a lot smoother than it was and some of the worst bumps and lumps have gone.

Next steps:

The council are keeping back a sum (maybe 10-20% of the £80k) and agreed with the contactor and the engineer that they will return in 6 months to repair the cracks which they expect to appear as the surface settles with the cold and then warmer weather. Over the 6 months the users will make a note of the sections of the park which need to be cut out and replaced and inform the council and Koan -we know of two places but there may be a few more. I said that I volunteered to collate feedback.

10 large abrasion blocks will be left with Brixton Cycles for the users to do some more DIY smoothing on any key sections landings etc if we think it necessary. A couple of metal signs will be put on the wall in the next few weeks once they have been received and reviewed by the council.

Official Opening – I told the council that there is an annual jam in the summer when the weather is more reliable so it might make sense to wait until next year, at least then the final repairs will have also been completed. I think the council want to donate some prizes too.

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