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Static 3 London premiere

Last night saw Josh Stewart’s third installment of the Static video series come to London with the premiere at Leicester Square’s Prince Charles cinema.

Over the road, the smallest crowd ever watched as some Z-list celebrities hopped out of taxis to some shitty film, whilst the true stars pushed their way into the tiny cinema to see Static 3 in all it’s glory. With a very last minute premiere arranged by Slam City, Landscape, Carhartt and Kingpin, the turnout was as you’d expect. Bloody packed. Not a seat spare in the building by the time Josh walked on stage to give his thankyou speech to the crowd.

Artsy, atmospheric opening titles set the scene for the rest of the video that featured Tony Manfre, Danny Renaud, Nate Broussard, Soy Panday, Olly Todd and many more. Taking gritty, unknown spots and having them destroyed by gritty, media-overlooked skaters is what Static 3 is all about, and this didn’t disappoint.

Soy’s very Parisienne flavoured section and manuals all over the place got a good shout from the crowds, especially his flip nose manny nollie 360flip out. Nate Broussard impressed with super-smooth style, lines at East India blocks delivered far to easily, and massive tweaked kickflips landing further away than was really neccessary, but pleased people all the same. And he skated to Elliott Smith, stoked. The music choices were in typical Static style that added to the great feel and look of this vid, with a mixture of hiphop, indie, rock and a nice dollop of LL Cool J.

The London crowds were here to see one man though, and one man only – Olly Todd. Filming his part half way through completion, and being unheard of in the US, things have changed a lot since then, but the man didn’t dissapoint. Quirky 180 fakie 5-0s and nosegrinds all over the shop, noseblunts, and my god, his ender! The sequence in a mag a while back doesn’t do it just justice, it’s fucking ridiculous and had people screaming their heads off.

A definite contender for video of the year, no doubt, Static 3 is very very good indeed. And remember, if you sit on the ground with that sort of behaviour, you are little better than a dog. “What, like that dog?”

Quote of the Night:Je suis offended”