Skateboarding News

Sometimes I despair…

Piece of shit shoes that make you and your life completely worthlessWhat on fucking earth is going on with kids and their stupid shoes with wheels attached?

If those bloody Heely things weren’t bad enough by making tiny children appear to hover over the ground with no control whatsoever, some absolute bell-end has taken the concept too far. Skateboard shoes.

Speechless. I’m not even angry, I’ve just lost all hope for humanity and feel empty and numb inside. Jesus Christ. Seriously. What next? Unicycle trousers? Iceskate hats? Surfboard tshirts?

I swear to Satan, if I see anyone, and I mean anyone wearing these, I will punch you in the face. Repeatedly. With barbed wire boxing gloves. Covered in concrete. Then spit blood in your eyes.

This is just the people wearing these disgraces. If I ever meet anyone involved with this company, watch yourself. I might beat you to death with your rivals footwear.