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Snickers Bowl announce Glifberg and more plus new site.

Castle Donington is under siege again and skaters are at the forefront! Yup- It’s the Snickers Bowl Comp at Download Festival from June 9th to 12th and a whole load of ramp rippers will be present to murder the 15ft vert bowl.

So far, worldly names such as Rune Glifberg, Omar Hassan, Renton Millar, Juergen Horrwarth, Benji Gallowayand more are expected, but don’t forget all the UK heads that’ll be dropping in and flying out – Pete King, Andy Scott, Dave Allen and many more.

While the skaters tear the bowl and it’s hip and extensions to bits, you can let your ears bleed to the melodies of Guns and Roses, Tool and shit loads more bands.

For more info visit the new Snickers site that also features info on the bowl itself, confirmed riders, video trick tips and much more if you click here.