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Slam Skate Rats get the Lookbook

Slam City Skates have raised the bar in websight trickery with their new lookbook, unveiled this week on the shop’s website. Following in the style of online webzine page turners such as Tweakerzine and others, the lookbook serves as a catalogue for the shop’s products. Slick produce as always from Slam, including flicks of Jensen amongst other familiar faces getting their
handsome-boy-modelling-school face on.

As an added bonus, the lookbook includes an unsurprisingly styled out promo from the Covent Garden skate rats. Grainy footage that compliments that Neal’s Yard atmosphere perfectly, and of course, the usual bangers from Snowy, Lucien Clarke, Blueprint and the Hold Tight London crowd.

Have a look and brighten up your day why don’t you?