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Skateistan enjoyes Go Skateboarding Day in Afghanistan

skateistanOver 180 kids of Kabul, Afghanistan enjoyed their 3rd organised Go Skateboarding Day yesterday.

Reading updates from their blog last night, the organiser noted that; “Some skated, some sat and were pushed by a friend and others ran, awaiting their turn. Regardless of how they negotiated the 1.6km route, over potholes in the fiery sunshine, they smiled and laughed all the way. It was difficult to tell what surprised onlookers more, the magical wheeled boards or simply the speeding clusters of boys and girls dressed in flowing, coloured rainbows of Afghan clothing. Gentle nods sent the happy spectacle on its way, as life returned to normal in its wake.”

It’s amazing to see this happening. Watch the trailer for the full Skateistan: Four Wheels and A Board in Kabul film and note that it has been selected for inclusion in this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival that is running right now. If you are a skate distributor reading this, then donate some product to their cause. Let us know and we will run some news for you. All details here.