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Skateboarding Hall of Fame inductees list 2015

Ph: Blender by Grant Brittain


We were asked to vote last week for the inductees of this year’s Skateboarding Hall of Fame alongside 400 other skate industry folks and we pretty much voted exactly what you see on this list here. Get hyped on who got in the room as its a stellar line up.

The ceremony for this annual affair will take place in Costa Mesa, California on May 14th.

The 2015 inductees are:

1960s Brian Logan
1970s Era One – Henry Hester
1970s Era Two – Duane Peters
1980s Era One – Neil Blender (interview)
1980s Era Two – Chris Miller
1990s John Cardiel (new footage)
1970s Female – Robin Logan
1980s Female – Cara-Beth Burnside
1990s Female – Elissa Steamer