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Sam Beckett wins vert comp at UK Warped Tour

Sam Beckett carved wicked and took the honours at this weekend’s UK Vert Finals at Alexandra Palace, a comp that provided some incredible skateboarding on the day. Placed between the growling tones of various metal and punk bands on the stage next, this session yet again pushed UK vert skateboarding forwards from all involved on the coping. Andy Scott even treated the crowd to his infamous Scrambled Egg. Ridiculous trick.

The legends session was graced with skating from Steve Caballero and Christian Hosoi. Beckett took the £3000, Sam Bosworth came second and took home £2000, and third placed Jussi Korhonen went home with £1000 in his pocket.

Look out for a full feature from all of the bands involved on the day dropping in our music zine soon.

Sam Bosworth flies high into 2nd. Ph: Jerome Loughran


Andy Scott walks away stoked after a perfect Scrambled Egg.