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Ripride welcome Snelling and Howard


Ripride Skateshop in Leamington Spa have welcomed two British rippers to their new team today with Jake Snelling and Joe Howard both leading the charge.

“First we rode for Rollaway… that went under. Maybe due to mischievous reasons. No one can blame no one when there’s a crew involved” explains Snelling, “now we ride for Ripride Skateshop, the best of all, down for whatever. Stoked to be team mates with Joe again! Let the adventures unfold!”

Owner Morbid has been building up a presence up there that cannot be ignored and says: “We’re not a chain store, we didn’t make our money on EBAY, we don’t buy our Instagram followers just like we don’t buy our team riders. Both of these dudes are raw, 100% Skateboarders. it’s a perfect fit. Welcome to the Team. I’m stoked.”

Do their Facebook thing for updates.