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Understandably, Rampworx has come in for some (sometimes well deserved) criticism for its ignorance to the needs of their loyal skateboarders. Now their frustrations can be tempered by the fact that they have pulled all the stops out for a completely new section at the rear of the skate park.

Over the last 4 months, Rob Godfrey and his team of expert ramp builders (thanks to Gaz, Perry, Chris) have been hard at work during the long cold and dark months of winter and believe me if it’s just you and 3 guys cutting wood in sub zero temperatures, the park is a solemn, ghostly and, almost arctic place post festive season!

So what can skaters look forward to when they roll up to the park this forthcoming spring?

Well, here is a short list of what the ‘build team’ have come up with:

• Mini Half Pipe Flows Into Mini Spine,
• 30 Ft Quarter 30 Foot Long With 8 Ft Flat Bank In Middle,
• 24ft Wall Ride, Quarter To Flat Bank Into Wall Ride,
• Quarter Pipe, Burnside Pillar,
• 24ft Flat Bank With Roll In,
• New Flatbank With Boxes and rails,
• 3 New Drive Ways With Box Rails And Drop Off Boxes,
• 2 Mini Humps,
• Quarter Into 2 Pump Ramps

It’s also worth noting that the park has just launched a brand new membership scheme. For the nominal fee of £20, you get a whole host of goodies including Members t-shirt, sticker pack, reduced door entry, 10% shop discount and a member’s only day.

For more information call 0151 530 1500, or 0151 666 2224 or visit the new site at

Similarly email the park at