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Plan B hit the UK

The Plan B Team turned up to the UK and went out with a bang on the last leg of their European Tour!

With a select few catching the team at Southbank on Friday night, the best was saved for Milton Keynes with tech skills being dropped in front of a packed house at the Buszy from a strong UK contingent and namely Paul Rodriguez who stole the show.

Next up was a visit to Saffron Walden’s new Dreamland built concrete skatepark which has by far THE best finish you will see in the UK right now. As soon as we rocked up to the place the silence was unbeatable. People’s jaws literally were on the floor at how good this park looks.

The team arrived to to about 2000 people crammed behind metal fences and once warmed up, bangers went down. Colin McKay and Danny Way enjoyed a lengthy street session with P-Rod, PJ Ladd and their team manager who put on as much of a good show as the rest of them!

With Pat Duffy still recovering from a serious leg injury, Ryan Gallant crocked with a knee injury, Sheckler having to fly home early for his exams and Brian Wenning at home, the rest of the team stood in and gave all. Get down to this park though next week as it is somehting else.

Expect an interview on this website soon with Pat Duffy and also 2 of the Dreamland builders as they reflect on building the Saffron Walden park. Footage from the demo will also drop later this week in a feature. But for now watch the footage from the teams Hamburg demo in Germany here.