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PJ Ladd Plan B Show On Es

Skateboarding is a discipline where individual talent is worth your weight in gold, and if you’ve got it then it’s happy days. This unique brilliance runs in the genes of the skaters as well as certain companies and in this day and age two of skateboarding’s finest innovators are PJ Ladd and Plan B.

Well, Es Footwear have decided to release a very limited number of PJ Plan B collabo pro model shoes to celebrate the prodigal son. Now when we say ‘limited number’ we’re talking 60! So get yourself down to one of the following stores with 9 crispy tenners and live exclusively for a little:

Kates skates – Barrow-in-Furness, Rollersnakes – Derby & Leicester, Conspiracy – St Albans and Route One – nationwide.

If that’s not enough, then salivate over PJ’s tricks in the latest Plan B promo Live After Death available for download on Friday 22nd September at