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Pegnet launches from a Horse

Within the inner sanctum at Sidewalk Magazine lies a beast only known as the ‘Horse‘. He is the creature responsible for bringing you monthly viewing pleasure and works non stop to bring you the mag once all the stuff has been collated.

In his spare time though he comes up with concepts such as riding chocolate horses to name just one, but his new and most approved idea is Pegnet – a game that will ensure that boredom will never find a place in your crappy garden ever again…Pegnet!

Already, skaters in the know have become obsessed with the new wave of extreme sports gnarlyness. Paul Rimmer is quoted to say: “I’m a little shocked to tell you the truth… It feels like the search is over. Meaning has prevailed in my life via the awe inspiring appearance of pegnetting… I’m trying to remain calm…but I need some quetions answered. Where can I get my first peg and net from? Are there any specific pegnet shops yet? How can I find out about other pegnetters in my area? Are there pegnetting groups and will there be a pegnet pro team at some point? Is pegnetting international or is it a British sport at the moment?”

Click here to find out more about the phenomenon that has swept Leicester over night….oh and good luck with your netting!