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Paris Skatepark plans

Whilst everyone rushes to get one last skate in Barcelona before Macba falls into the sea, those in the know head further north to Europe which boasts more than its fair share of untapped spots.

Well the capital of France just leaped up to the top of the league table when the city unveiled plans for the 3545m2 Espace Glisse de Paris a.k.a. Paris’ new skatepark.

After many heated debates, re-thinks, re-adjustments and set-backs, the plans are done and a finishing date is set for end of 2007. Situated in the Stade de Fillettes of the 18th arrondissement, this fun-zone boasts a massive and modern street course, an array of indoor and outdoor bowls, a beginners area, bleachers, pretty girls strolling by, the best coffee and croissants – the works!