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Palace Waywards video incoming

A year ago, My Skate or Die was on the lips of most down South. Lev Tanju did a great job of taking the piss out of anyone he knew (or didn’t even know) and the plan worked, people talked about it and like us, loved the audacity of it.

Since then, the mighty mouth of Southbank has been a little more discreet with his public assaults and now we know why – he’s been too busy working on this brand new video.

The Palace Wayward Boys Choir have been documenting enough non 3 chip skate footage for a cyber video feed. November 2008 is the likely time that Lev will takeover the internet and the rest of the planet with his devious ploy to disrupt all civilised skateboard scenes. Expect footage from Brady, Pressey, Chewy, Snowy, Brophy, Todd and many many more. This looks fun, click the button for crack and bangers.