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One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson on Element?

The list of pop stars and other famous bell ends carrying skateboards to try and look cool over the years has been one of the longest running jokes. The latest comes from One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson who was spotted at LAX airport last week with an Element rig that has never touched the floor.

Anyway, nobody cares about that, the funniest part of this trash is that some gossip twonk has written an audacious article spinning a random theory that Element are in talks to sign Tomlinson to push the sales of female skateboarding:

“Obviously, as someone popular with young girls and women, Louis Tomlinson would be a great addition to any company that focused on obtaining females as a client — but do women and girls like skateboarding? Will more females start skateboarding if Tomlinson is at the gate of the skatepark to welcome them? There is clearly a place at Element Skateboards for Louis Tomlinson.”

Just take that in for a second. Now get in the fucking sea, the lot of you.


Ph: Daily Mail (of course)