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No rest for the wicked

Obviously some people just don’t get it, do they? Matt Pritchard’s Sleep While your Dead (SWYD) Globe Shoes advert has been officially sanctioned by the Advertising Standards Authority and will no longer appear in print.

The high brow board of cronies frowned upon the advert’s depictions of gambling, alcohol, nudity and FUN (!), and managed to breach the clauses for Responsibility and Children, but didn’t manage to condemn it for decency.

Apparently, the playing of strip poker showed no actual nudity and wasn’t deemed explicit enough. Obviously, Globe fought hard for their fun-loving criminal (minded) posterboy, by explaining the artistic direction of the ad as similar to Pritch’s life style, hence the Sleep When Your Dead motto.

Their valiant pleas fell on the deaf ears of a bunch of busybodies who banned a Weetabix © ad for falsely attesting to their cereal being made of oats, and Sky © television for airing a “disturbing” plug for a new series about pathology… Some people need to get out more.

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